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Ask JJ   I like strawberry cake and I have a tumblr filled with wondrous things that will fill your imagination and mind with gloriousness (like the beacons of light in the distance that bring you hope when real life clouds your vision with disappointment, sadness, and anger such as the fantastically fabulous and amazing Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston but of course many more but seriously guys if you're not worshipping these sexy men with every ounce of your being I don't care your gender, sex, or sexual orientation you should definitely be contemplating ideas on how to somehow kidnap these lovely people and tie them up in your bedroom so you can take multitudes of pictures and sigh over them in admiration and happiness that will fill your soul because seriously Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston but that's not to downplay my other gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS idols such as Robert Downey Jr. did I spell that right sometimes I just type and it comes out wrong I don't know but really if you don't think that everything on my blog is the best then you are the meanest of the mean to ever mean and I don't have time for you and speaking of time if you're still reading this then you have some problems because this is a long-ass paragraph that nobody should have time to read or even skim over here let's add a CAPITAL word just to grap attention so thanks for stopping by talk to me because I get lonely and that's why I'm pathetically on my computer just doing this anyways yeah so bye kay love you all and whoopsey do did I forget to close that parentheses way back when here how about I do it now because it's actually starting to bother me QUITE a bit and oh man this is such a huge paragraph but it's not even a paragraph, this is actually a really really REALLY long run-on sentence; I think that my English teacher would literally die if she read this sorry about that let's hope, oh goodness, let's HOPE that nobody in real life ever sees my tumblr the horror but yeah here's my parentheses) and a period.